Amicale Toddlers Club founded

Today, we set up the new Amicale Toddlers Club!

Description of the purpose of the club:

The Amicale Toddlers Club has the purpose to install “Parent and Toddler Groups” in the premises of Amicale/the EPO.
A Parent and Toddler Group is a regular (e. g. weekly) get-together where parents/carers and their 0-4 years old children can go to have fun and meet new people.
While parents can chat and drink coffee or tea, their toddlers can play together and get used to meeting other kids at their ages.
Furthermore, singing and other group activities might be subjects.
The parent/carer remains with, and is responsible for, their child throughout the session.

Future activities of the club might be the organization of courses for young or future parents (e. g. baby massage, first aid etc.).

Our ad hoc committee:

Christian Klemps (ext. 8036) as chairman
Anthony Pierre Klein (ext. 8424) as secretary
Richard Hackelbusch (ext. 8027) as treasurer and web master

You can contact us under:

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